Why This blog exists

As I settle into writing this blog I will have one main focus, allowing people to learn and become familiar with what it’s like to know or be with someone in a wheelchair. Most every where I go I am the only person who is in a chair and people always seem to be curious. They maybe curious but, it’s difficult to ask a random person on the street personal questions which is where this blog comes in. I will be talking about my experiences, things I notice and, answering any question you all might have. Don’t be embarrassed to ask sensitive stuff either I’m not very shy in that regard. Plus, how else are you supposed to know something unless you ask?

I broke my neck at 16 working out on a trampoline. I was a gymnast so it wasn’t anything new, unfortunately one screw up is really all it takes to drastically throw your life down the tubes. I’m 29 now and I still feel like I’ll never get used to being crippled. My injury is at C6 and C7, lower vertebra on your neck, which means I’m a quadriplegic. While I can still move my arms they were paralyzed for a time and my hands still don’t work, but the loss of movement wasn’t the worst part. The loss of sensation is much harder to deal with. It’s harder because you loose so much more from the ability to feel than you do from moving. Moving allows you to do things and be more functional but feeling things lets you experience things. It also protects you from harm. If I hurt myself I might not know for quite some time and it can cause problems that threaten my life simply because I have to pee. Honestly at this point I don’t really care if I get motor function back I just want to be able feel again. I don’t need to walk along a beach if I can feel my girlfriends warm body next to me as we sleep. Those are the things that are more meaningful to me. Doing things will never be as important as feeling things.

Perhaps, this is another reason I am writing this blog. I have the unfortunate experience of knowing what I’m missing and maybe, just maybe, if I let people know what those things are they won’t take them for granted.

Until next post Tumblrites, happy blogging!

Curious? Then ask.